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The Uniting Voices Chicago Neighborhood Choir program gives singers in 12 communities across the city the opportunity to bond over shared experiences while learning indispensable performance skills.

These community-based, after-school programs provide a haven where young people learn musicianship, collaboration with acclaimed artists and unique opportunities to explore the world.

Our Program Year

The program year runs August through June and includes:

  • Two rehearsals per week
  • Several performance opportunities throughout the year
  • Touring opportunities
  • Workshops throughout the year by guest artists and culture bearers
  • Connections with youth across the city and around the world

Questions about registration? Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions and How-To Guide.

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Registration for the spring semester is now open!

Our after-school programs offer something for everyone. With world-class instruction, sessions with international artists and touring opportunities, the sky is truly the limit. Explore all of our after-school offerings and start your journey today.
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Performance Highlights

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Program Costs

To learn more about our sliding-scale tuition and how we work to make music education affordable for all families, please visit our Program Costs page.

The scale is based on registration for the 2023-24 program year and shows the recommended amount for household income but Uniting Voices Chicago will always work with individual family constraints. Tuition is prorated based on the length of participation for the singer.

Experience Levels

Participate at the level that makes the most sense for you.

Bridging America Tours

The Bridging America Tour is a cherished Uniting Voices Chicago initiative that creates bonds between young people all over the United States.

During these multi-city runouts to all corners of America, singers in our Neighborhood Choir program perform concerts for audiences in new places, create friendships with peers at joint workshops and learn about the diverse history of the U.S. through music.

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Voice Placements

The voice placement process is quick and simple, open to students in grades three and up. Singers do not need to have prior experience. For the 2023-24 program year, new singers will be accepted on a rolling basis as space permits.

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