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Generous gifts from Uniting Voices Chicago’s Voice of Tomorrow planned giving society ensure our life-changing opportunities are available for future singers.

We know that our mission—to inspire and change lives through music—will only be more important as our world continues to evolve. We invite you to join members of the Uniting Voices Chicago family who have made long-term commitments to our work.

Voice of Tomorrow welcomes donors of diverse capacity levels to amplify our impact for generations to come. Become a champion who leaves a song that soars.

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There are many ways to make a planned gift to Uniting Voices and provide tax benefits to your estate and/or heirs. Below are a few gift examples to discuss with your financial advisor.

Uniting Voices Official Name, Address and Tax ID

Uniting Voices
78 E Washington St. Floor 5
Chicago, IL 60602
Tax ID #: 51-0140419


A gift through your will or revocable trust is a simple and meaningful way of remembering Uniting Voices that may be directed where most needed by the Board of Directors. A sample clause to share with your attorney is:

I give to Uniting Voices, an Illinois not-for-profit corporation whose address is 78 E Washington St. Floor 5, Chicago, IL 60602, Tax ID #51-0140419, (the sum of $_________) or (_____ % of the residue of my estate) for its general purposes.


The designation of Uniting Voices as a beneficiary of retirement plan benefits may be a very savvy tax-wise gift strategy. Our charitable tax status exempts retirement benefits from estate and income taxes that your individual heirs could incur if you were to give retirement plan assets to them.


Life Insurance that you no longer need for your family security may be donated to Uniting Voices by transferring ownership of the policy or naming the organization as a beneficiary. Your estate may be entitled to a charitable deduction for the proceeds passing to Uniting Voices.


The charitable IRA rollover, or qualified charitable distribution (QCD), is a special provision allowing certain donors to exclude from taxable income – and count toward their required minimum distribution – certain transfers of Individual Retirement Account (IRA) assets that are made directly to public charities, including Uniting Voices. Donors can use this popular option to support the organization with tax-wise gifts ranging from $100 to $100,000.

Qualifying charitable distributions must be:

  • Made by a donor age 70 ½ or older

  • Transferred from a traditional IRA or Roth IRA directly

  • Completed by December 31 of the corresponding tax year


A charitable lead trust sets up a continuous way for the benefactor to make charitable contributions without having to manually issue monthly payments and provides a guaranteed income stream for the charitable beneficiary.


A charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust enables you to make a contribution to Uniting Voices in exchange for payments each year for a specified term or for life.


For questions regarding the different planned giving options, please contact your financial advisor. To join or inquire about Voice of Tomorrow, please contact Amy Tinucci, Vice President, Development, at (312) 849-8300 x 117 or

Voice of Tomorrow acknowledges donors who have included Uniting Voices in their estate plans

Susanne & David Baker

Veronica Davis

Rose & Bob Fealy

Jude Savio Fernandes & Diane Fernandes

Carrie L. Hedges

Melissa Kibler & Vincent Lazar

Ann Marie Lipinski & Steve Kagan

Jim & Ginger Meyer

The Joyce E. Stralow Reichardt & Kyrsten E. Downing Fund

Dr. Doris Wineman Ph.D.

We fondly remember the following members of the Uniting Voices family who have made a bequest to our organization. Their legacy will help to ensure that our singers will always have access to world-class, accessible music education.

Mr. Kersen De Jong and Mr. Phillip Perkins

Jean Paul Spire Trust

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