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Uniting Voices Chicago is one of our city’s cultural treasures—a 65-year-old institution using music to transform the lives of young people around the world. Season after season, world-class music education programs, performances, collaborations with renowned artistic partners and tours around the globe have transformed Chicago youth into leaders of the local landscape—and beyond.

Our Programs

Uniting Voices Chicago’s programs offer unmatched music education, performance opportunities and connection with other young people. These programs are central to our singers’ growth and development as they build bridges across our city, form connections across communities and envision a future strengthened by song.

Program sponsorship at a variety of levels offers unique connectivity to schools, neighborhoods and communities across the city, including engagement with singers, audiences and organizational partners.

Sponsorships of particular Uniting Voices Chicago programs start at $5,000.

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Pillar Concerts and Events

Each season, large-scale events bring together youth from across Chicago for collaboration, cooperation and transformative performances. Uniting Voices Chicago singers work with and learn from world-renowned guest artists, perform for global audiences and play a leading role in Chicago’s vibrant entrepreneurial landscape. With repertoire that spans musical genres, cultures and time periods—including original Uniting Voices Chicago commissions—performances celebrate singer success and allow them to discover the power of making their voice heard, both on and off the stage.

Concert and event sponsorship supports singer and audience engagement, and allows for high-profile recognition. Acknowledgement in-person, in event materials and in online resources and/or broadcast broadly expands sponsorship reach.

  • Black History Month Concert Series
  • Canto Latino
  • Paint the Town Red
  • Red Jacket Optional Gala
  • Soundbites Ambassadors Board Fundraiser
  • Other Large-Scale Performances

Sponsorships of Uniting Voices Chicago Pillar Programs start at $7,500

Uniting Voices Chicago welcomes corporate sponsorships of events and performances, as well as and year-long program support through the Corporate Ensemble.


Music unites people from different backgrounds and celebrates all that they have in common in ways that few other human expressions can.

National and international tours serve as a vital component of the Uniting Voices Chicago experience for advanced singers, broadening their worldviews and creating unmatched opportunities for connection. Tours bring music to life for our singers, connecting notes on the page with historic sites and periods across the globe. Singers serve as ambassadors for peace through connections with partner organizations and audiences at tour workshops and concerts.

The cost of tours is the most significant obstacle to our singers' participation in these experiences. Tour sponsorship through our Tour Endowment Fund significantly reduces the financial burden on singers, their families and partner organizations, and offers opportunities for local, national and even international recognition.

Sponsorships start at $15,000

Each season, Uniting Voices Chicago’s diverse programming, performance schedule, and curriculum offer unique opportunities for celebration and recognition. Custom sponsorship and recognition opportunities are available at a variety of levels and across our programs.

To learn more about sponsoring a Uniting Voices Chicago program or event, please contact Vice President of Development, Amy Tinucci.



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