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I’m looking for Chicago Children’s Choir. Where can I find information about that?

Chicago Children’s Choir is now Uniting Voices Chicago, a new name that better reflects the full scope of our impact and that honors our 65 year legacy inspiring and transforming lives across Chicago and around the world.

While our name has changed, our song remains the same. This evolution allows us to better own the totality of the work we do all over the world while staying true to the vision laid our by our founder, Christopher Moore, when he first brought a group of young people together from across Chicago in 1956.

What are the Uniting Voices Chicago program options?

Uniting Voices Chicago offers programs through over 80 Chicago schools (School Program) and in 12 communities (Neighborhood Choir programs), as well as an ensemble for changing voices (Dimension) and a high school age advanced youth ensemble (Voice of Chicago).

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School Choirs

Through the School Choir program, thousands of children in more than 80 Chicago schools receive classroom training in basic music theory and choral performance from professional music educators. Singers in this program have the opportunity to explore the expressive qualities of music while developing a sense of self-discipline, pride and intercultural understanding.

Learn more about our School Programs

After-school Choirs

Uniting Voices Chicago’s after-school programs empower singers to participate in any of 12 community-based Neighborhood Choirs and potentially advance into Dimension (an ensemble for changing voices) and Voice of Chicago (an audition-based high school age advanced youth ensemble). These programs are open to 8-18 year old singers and offer levels of programming to suit varying levels of musical ability.

Neighborhood Choirs are tuition-based programs that provide beginning, intermediate and advanced choral training with a deeper, performance-based education and increased opportunities to connect with singers through after-school programs in 12 Chicago communities across the city and beyond.

We currently offer Neighborhood Choirs in Albany Park, Austin, Beverly, Englewood, Gage Park, Garfield Park (Off the Street Club),Humboldt Park, Hyde Park, Lincoln Park/DePaul, Pilsen/Little Village,Rogers Park and West Town.

Dimension is a unique ensemble for singers age 12 and up who are beginning the vocal transition into emerging tenor and baritone voices. This ensemble offers many performance opportunities independently and with other Uniting Voices Chicago programs.

Voice of Chicago is our premier mixed-voice ensemble, maintaining an extensive performance schedule that includes touring and collaborations with Chicago’s finest cultural institutions.

Learn more about our after-school choir programs.

What is the difference between School and Neighborhood Choir Program?

Uniting Voices Chicago’s School Program offer an exploratory choral experience designed to serve students in a specific school. School administrators determine which grade levels (third through eighth grades) that may participate. These choirs perform within their school and at two of our pillar programs: the Black History Month Concert Series and Paint the Town Red.

Uniting Voices Chicago’s Neighborhood Choir Program provide a deeper musical experience. Children ages 8-18 from throughout the community participate and may advance within the program between ensembles that are designed to meet them at their skill level (Allegro, Vivace, Presto). Singers frequently have the opportunity to participate in workshops, connections with singers across the city, tours to various locations around the country and performances for the community.

Because the programs provide different experiences, often singers participate in both the School and the Neighborhood Choir programs.

What is the difference between the ensembles of the Neighborhood Choir Program (Allegro, Vivace, Presto)?


The beginning level of the Neighborhood Choir experience that builds the foundation for further growth within Uniting Voices Chicago.


The intermediate level of the Neighborhood Choir program that focuses on more advanced vocal technique, movement, music theory and repertoire.


This ensemble is available at some Neighborhood Choir sites and allows advanced treble (vocal range in higher register) singers to continue their musical experience with more challenging repertoire and a continued focus on music theory.

Do I have to audition for the Neighborhood Choir Program?

We believe deeply in the transformative power of music, both for individual singers and our society as a whole. Because of this, we also believe that our programs should be fully accessible in every way. That’s why, from the 2022-23 season on, we’ve done away with auditions for our after-school programs. In our experience, we found that scheduling these auditions posed a challenge for working parents and didn’t contribute to the success of singers. So, any singer who wants to participate just needs to register for our programs online. After you register, we’ll reach out to set up a vocal placement assessment, which just allows our staff to place your singer in the ensemble that will best match their needs.

Why/How do I register for a Uniting Voices Chicago after-school program?

Registration confirms the singer’s participation in Uniting Voices Chicago after-school programs. Families should complete online via our Blackthorn registration platform. Singers may not be eligible to participate in Uniting Voices Chicago activities until registration is received. A $15 fee will be collected at the time of registration.

Check out our How-To Guide for assistance with registration!

How much does Neighborhood Choir Programming cost?

Uniting Voices Chicago has a long-standing commitment to serving children and families regardless of their financial situation. All of our programs are heavily discounted through the philanthropic commitment of individuals, corporations and foundations, allowing us to remove a financial barrier to participation.

Tuition is determined by a sliding scale based on individual family annual income. Tuition includes participation in all Uniting Voices Chicago rehearsal and events, transportation as available between rehearsal location and performance/event venues, snacks and water as needed, music binder, a Uniting Voices Chicago t-shirt and rental performance uniform (excluding shoes). Tuition does not include participation in tour experiences.

Learn more on our Program Costs page.

How do I get tuition assistance?

Uniting Voices Chicago has a long-standing commitment to serving children and families regardless of their financial situation. All programs are heavily discounted through the philanthropic commitment of individuals, corporations and foundations, allowing us to remove a financial barrier to participation. Families can elect to pay tuition in full, in quarterly installments or in monthly installments with the final tuition payment due May of each program year.

Uniting Voices Chicago is committed to working with all families regardless of circumstance to make tuition accessible. Families who are not able to meet tuition requirements or deadlines should contact Uniting Voices Chicago’s Citywide Program Manager, Jackie Johnson, at

What are uniform requirements for Uniting Voices?

Each singer will receive one or more uniforms that are provided by Uniting Voices. Families will pay for uniform shoes (ranging from $50-$150). Occasional informal performances will require singers to wear a Uniting Voices t-shirt with jeans or black pants. Replacement uniform items and extra t-shirts can be purchased.

Uniting Voices respects all students’ gender identity and gender expression by honoring the uniform selection that each singer feels is best suited to their gender identity. In the case where there are two different uniforms, singers may select to wear Uniform A or Uniform B. Based on their selection, singers will be provided with the appropriate sizing for all uniforms to be worn for performances.

Uniting Voices will provide uniform pieces and size exchanges as needed throughout the singer’s time in the choir. Families will pay for uniform shoes as needed as well as replacements for lost or damaged uniform pieces. Families are also expected to turn in uniform pieces that they have outgrown or when they are no longer a participant in Uniting Voices.

Why do singers fundraise?

Over the years, Uniting Voices Chicago has incorporated a tour experience into programming for advanced Neighborhood Choir singers, Dimension and Voice of Chicago. Since tuition does not cover the cost of tour, singers have the opportunity to raise funds throughout their time in Uniting Voices Chicago and save them in a singer account to be used toward the expense of these tours. Additionally, funds raised can be used toward singer tuition or donations to Uniting Voices Chicago.

What are Assessments?

Uniting Voices Chicago incorporates assessment into the program year to allow conductors to better understand individual singer progress and to give singers feedback on specific areas of strength and opportunities for growth. Uniting Voices Chicago’s assessments connects the mission to the skills and concepts that singers work toward mastering throughout the year. Singers complete voice placements at the start of each year. Assessments combined with voice placements are used to place singers in the appropriate ensemble and voice part. Conductors informally assess singers throughout the year. A singer may be asked to demonstrate mastery of performance skills or musical knowledge.

How can I donate?

Make a gift online

Contribute by check:

78 E Washington, 5th Floor Chicago, IL 60602 (Make payable to Uniting Voices Chicago).

Make a gift through your Donor Advised Fund.

Contribute stock or wire your gift:

Contact us at

Make Uniting Voices Chicago part of your estate plan.

Who do I contact for attendance conflicts?

Families who have attendance conflicts should contact the after school neighborhood program assistant.

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