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Uniting Voices Chicago’s after-school programs create one-of-a-kind experiences that make a lasting impact far beyond the stage.

For 65 years, our world-class instruction has infused the lives of more than 50,000 students with a timeless commitment to the virtues of education, expression and excellence. These programs empower singers at the community and citywide level to expand their horizons and embrace a leading role on the world stage through new music, new friends and a new-found sense of confidence.

The Uniting Voices Experience

Our after-school programs offer something for everyone. Singers will:

  • Learn music from many genres, cultures and languages
  • More deeply understand and represent how music is created across artistic traditions
  • Engage in conversation about the historical and social context of music and its relevance today
  • Feel a sense of pride through high expectations and performance opportunities
  • Build life-long friendships

Explore all of our after-school offerings and start your journey today. Plus, when you register before July 31, we'll give you 10 percent off next year's tuition.

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Neighborhood Choir

Our Neighborhood Choir program gives singers in 12 communities across Chicago the opportunity to bond over a shared experience. These community-based, after-school programs provide culturally responsive musical instruction to students ages 8-18 at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, empowering them to embrace their role as creative spirits and active ambassadors for their communities.

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Dimension is a unique ensemble for singers age 12 and up who are beginning the vocal transition into their tenor and baritone range. This ensemble offers many performance opportunities independently and with other Uniting Voices Chicago programs. Singers learn to understand their own voices through ensemble singing, vocal technique, solo opportunities, music theory and sight-reading. Training and repertoire are specifically designed for this age and developmental level, including diverse styles and a special emphasis on musicality, movement and expression.

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Voice of Chicago

Voice of Chicago is Uniting Voices Chicago’s most advanced choral ensemble for high-schoolers across the city, maintaining an extensive performance schedule that includes touring and collaborations with Chicago’s finest cultural institutions.

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The Prelude program of the Hyde Park and Lincoln Park/DePaul Neighborhood Choirs provide beginning level vocal instruction and literacy for first and second grade students. Through songs and games, singers will be introduced to foundational musicianship skills.

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Nowhere else have I had access to a diverse and multicultural family. Nowhere else have I breathed in unison with the brothers, sisters, family around me and tried to feel their joy, their pain, and their lives as they are carried to my ears by the most inspiring and empowering music.

Albert Kerelis, Uniting Voices Chicago Alum (2020)
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No Financial Barriers

Accessibility is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why every one of our students receives tuition on a sliding scale, with rates as low as just 50 cents per instruction hour.

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