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Dimension is a unique ensemble for singers approximately age 12 and up who are beginning the vocal transition into emerging tenor, baritone and bass voices. This ensemble offers many performance opportunities independently and with other Uniting Voices Chicago programs.

Singers in this ensemble learn to understand their own voices through ensemble singing, solo opportunities, sight reading and music theory. Our instruction is designed to guide these singers through the vocal transition while learning to sing a diverse repertoire with musicality, movement and expression.

Registration for the 2024-25 program year is open now!

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“My favorite part of Dimension is getting to know everyone and getting to bond over our changing voices, while also being able to create really beautiful music even if we’re going through an insecure moment in our lives. The whole environment is extremely supportive.”

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Info and Rehearsal Schedule


Judy Hanson

Associate Conductor

Dewey Bolz

Program Assistant

Jackie Johnson


Monday and Wednesdays

All Singers: 5-7pm


Chicago Cultural Center
78 E. Washington Street
5th floor Chicago, IL 60602

Important Resources

Information is power. Here are a few crucial resources to help you make the most of your time with us.

On the Stage

Early Bird Tuition for Dimension and Neighborhood Choir Program $25,000 and under: $45 annual; $25,001-50,000: $115 annual; $50,001-75,000: $430 annual; $75,001-100,000: $720 annual; $100,001-175,000: $1,220 annual; $175,001-250,000: $1,520 annual; $250,001-400,000: $1,760 annual; $400,001 and above: $1,960 annual;

Program Costs

To learn more about our sliding-scale tuition and how we work to make music education affordable for all families, please visit our Program Costs page.

The scale is based on registration for the 2024-25 program year and shows the recommended amount for household income but Uniting Voices Chicago will always work with individual family constraints. Tuition is prorated based on the length of participation for the singer.

How to Audition

Auditions for the 2024-25 season will open soon. Singers who are experiencing voice change to the lower registers should contact Citywide Program Director Jackie Johnson at to learn more about transitioning into Dimension.

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