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Future Music Educators

Uniting Voices Chicago’s Future Music Educators (FME) Program supports the academic, professional development, and future success of music education students and career teachers who reflect the diversity of America and the Uniting Voices Chicago (formerly Chicago Children's Choir) community.

A year-long paid mentorship provides training on culturally responsive, empowering, and sustaining teaching practices to a broad group of diverse educators. This program changes the lives of future music educators through accessible, resonant, meaningful learning experiences led by teachers with excellence, expertise, and shared lived experience.

Mentorship Program

In this year-long paid program, a cohort of mentees glean insight into culturally responsive pedagogical practices through the experience of Uniting Voices Chicago’s unique methodology. Music educators have opportunities for observation, guest instruction of Uniting Voices Chicago ensembles, sharing sessions with their peers, and direct guidance from Uniting Voices Chicago's experienced faculty.

Meet our Future Music Educators

Cohort Connections

Watch how our Future Music Educators teach and interact with their students, while learning the ins-and-outs of inclusive pedagogy from their Uniting Voices Chicago mentors.

Julian Goods quote

Being a part of the FME cohort means so much to me. To be able to talk to colleagues and friends who look like you and have similar experiences is so great, but often hard to find. During our time together we talk about different field related issues, we share resources and ideas, and grow together. Being able to learn from the incredible [Uniting Voices Chicago] staff is so rewarding. This program is so important to have as there are very few spaces for Black music educators on the rise, despite there being such a need.

Julian Goods University of Michigan, MM ‘21