Rogers park spring concert web

Rogers Park Spring Community Concert with Dimension


May 3, 2023


7:30 PM


Nicholas Senn High School (5900 N. Glenwood Ave.)

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Add to Calendar 5/3/2023 7:30 PM America/Chicago Rogers Park Spring Community Concert with Dimension A unique musical experience bringing the sounds of Roger Parks to life. It will also feature performances by Dimension. Nicholas Senn High School (5900 N. Glenwood Ave.)


This seasonal showcase will bring to life the diverse sounds of Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood through a concert featuring original music, exciting choreography and multimedia presentations. It will also feature performances by one of our citywide ensembles, Dimension, for singers going through a vocal change.


Tickets are $10* per person, available for purchase at the concert. All seating is general admission.

*Uniting Voices Chicago has a pay-what-you-can policy, allowing guests to pay as much or as little as they like per ticket, including requesting free tickets if desired*


Uniting Voices Chicago strives to make music and performance accessible to anyone who wants it. Assistive listening devices are available at the ticketing desk. All public performance areas at Logan Center are equipped to accommodate wheelchair users. To request accommodations, please email info [at] unitingvoiceschicago [dot] org.

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Rogers Park Neighborhood Choir Community Concert

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Nicholas Senn High School


Elisabeth Baker, Rogers Park Neighborhood Choir

Dewey Bolz, Associate Conductor, Dimension

Judy Hanson, Dimension

About Uniting Voices Chicago

Founded in 1956 at the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement, Uniting Voices Chicago (formerly Chicago Children’s Choir) empowers and unites youth from diverse backgrounds to find their voice and celebrate their common humanity through the power of music. As a leading non-profit organization, we serve thousands of youth ages 6-18 from every zip code of Chicago through transformative and accessible music education programs and performance opportunities.

After the Show

Paint The Town Red

May 25

11am | Pritzker Pavillion

Join us downtown for our largest and most-anticipated event of the year! Singers from all levels of our programs will come together in song alongside dazzling special guests to celebrate the power of music and everything they’ve learned in our programs over the past year.

Paint The Town Red Giving Day

Support this transformative day that brings together the next generation of global leaders in Chicago! Join in the spirit of togetherness as young people from every corner of Chicago harmonize in the heart of the city with a donation to keep these programs accessible to
all singers.

Concert Program


Salaam (od yavo shalom aleinu)
Mosh Ben-Ari/Sheva; arr. Lisa Arnold


Peace will yet come upon us

Peace will yet come upon us, and upon everyone.

Salaam, upon us and upon the whole world,

salaam, salaam.


Courage My Friend

Trad. South African anti- Apartheid song; arr. Lonnie Norwood, Jr.


We All Live Here

W. Mitchell Owens III; choreography by Judy Hanson


Homeward Bound

Marta Keen

Ay Jalisco, no te rajes

Manuel Esperón; arr. Danny Wallenberg & Lisa Arnold


Oh Jalisco, Jalisco, Jalisco

You have your girlfriend who is Guadalajara

Pretty girl, the rarest pearl

Of all Jalisco is my Guadalajara

And I like to listen to the mariachis

Sing your beautiful songs with soul

Hear how those guitarrones sound

And have a tequila with the bravest men

Oh, Jalisco, don't back down!

It comes out of my soul to scream with heat

Open the whole chest to make this cry

How beautiful Jalisco is, word of honor!

Cielito Lindo

Quirino Mendoza y Cortés; arr. Danny Wallenberg & Lisa Arnold


From the Sierra Morena,

pretty sky*, there come

a pair of black eyes,

pretty sky, sneaking by.

Ay, ay, ay, ay,

Sing and don’t cry,

Because when singing our hearts are happy,

pretty sky.

*Cielito Lindo: term of endearment, like dear one



Morten Lauridsen


Abandon surrounding abandon,

tenderness touching tendernesses…

It is your inward that incessantly

caresses itself, so they say.

Caresses itself

through its own reflection.

Thus you invent the theme

of Narcissus satisfied.

Como la flor

Abraham Quintanilla III & Pete Astudillo; arr. W. Mitchell Owens III

[Verse 1]

I know you have a new love

However I wish you the best

If you didn’t find happiness with me

Maybe, someone else will give it to you.


Like the flower

With so much love

You gave me, it withered

I’m leaving today, I know how to lose

But, ay ay ay how it hurts me

Ay ay ay how it hurts me

[Verse 2]

If you see how it hurts to lose your love

With your goodbye, you are taking my heart

I don’t know if I will love again

Because I gave you all the love I could give.


Modimo rea go boka

Trad. South African Sotho church chorus


Lord we praise you

We rejoice you

Messiah, we hail you

Tu lu lu lu…


Two Itallian Art Songs

Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi; arr. Matthew Michaels

I. Poi che’el mio foco e spento


Since now my anger’s burned out I’ll live

with joy, contentment.

And with laughing and dreaming and

dancing I’ll sing joyfully.

Since chained I’ve gained new freedom

I have my heart, abounding.

I’ll embrace happiness, jubilation not boredom

only great bliss.

II. Sonatemi un balletto


Play a dance for me,

I want to dance with my love!

As I have great pleasure

In dancing, I’m telling the truth,

Come on, what are you doing?

Start playing!


Dan Smith; arr. Jacob Narverud; choreography by Judy Hanson

Turning Red Medley

featuring Nobody Like You and You Know What’s Up
Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell; arr. W. Mitchell Owens III


Thyro Alfaro & Yumi Lacsamana; arr. Joe Caigoy; soloists Matt Din & Elijah Williams (Voice of Chicago)


Kilometers distance

Why do they keep expanding

The distance between us

But the more they try to hinder

Our love grows deeper

It seems we’re stars apart

And I can’t see you

But the farther you are the more I call out to you

I’ll fearlessly cross the ocean

Even if the waves reach the sky

I promise to go wherever

Just to be with you

I’ll do whatever it takes so we’ll end up together

Even if I have to go through

kilometers distance

The world is dissenting

And we can’t find each other

Oh, do we have to listen

And go with the waves

Drowned, doused and can’t almost see you

After being covered with bruises

I still call out to you


En mi Viejo San Juan

Noel Estrada; arr. Danny Wallenberg


In my Viejo San Juan,

how many dreams I forge

in my childhood nights.

My first dream

and my troubles of love

are memories of the soul.

One afternoon I left

towards a foreign nation,

as fate would have it,

but my heart

remained facing the sea

in my Viejo San Juan.

Goodbye (goodbye, goodbye)

Dear Borinquen (land of my love).

Goodbye (goodbye, goodbye)

my sea goddess (palm queen),

I'm leaving (I'm leaving)

but one day I'll return

to find my love,

to dream again,

in my Viejo San Juan.

But time passed by

and destiny mocked

my terrible nostalgia,

and I couldn't return

to the San Juan that I loved,

a little piece of my land.

My hair whitened

and my life fades away

and death calls for me,

and don't want to die

away from you

Puerto Rico of the soul.


Revelation 19

Jeffrey LaValley; arr. Lonnie Norwood, Jr. & Brandon Lampkin


Jeffrey LaValley; arr. Lonnie Norwood, Jr. & Brandon Lampkin



Blaze Brown

Lincoln Burnell

Ravi Chandra

Jamion Cotten

Andrez Elliot

Henry Ellis

JaRonn Gamon

Edison Gong

Josiah Hill

Zion Hohenkirk

Vali Kizilbash

Rene Krall-Lanoue

Connor Lane

Jackson O’Brien

Exavier Pope, II

Alexander Rossi

Patrick Spera

Maxwell Stone

George Stoops

Vennes Tabiliran

Aris Velazquez

Eliot Warren
Owen Zeller


Elizabeth Awa

David Cami
Elisa Durgheu

Sonya Evdokimov

Samantha Faris

Anabellah Gamon

Angela Heredia

Everell Hill

Kristina Jackson

Sofia Luna
Nayeli Mejia

Yahaira Mejia

Stella Milkovic

Grace Rene

Gwendolyn Smith

Autumn Taylor

Ahmiyah Wofford


Ramona Blanding
Ellis Curry
Natasha Dernis
Julia Durgheu
David Gamon
Esther Hague
Ellie Haro
Zola Kuzwayo
Zoe Nott
Charli Oldham
Grace Parisi
Ella Place
Jessica Rathod
Shreya Sharma
Emilia Schuele-Bermeo
Edith Scranton
Ruth Smith


Noah Andre
Spencer Bagley
Amalie Brennan
Guadalupe Cabanas
Elisabeth Cami
Bettita De Ramos
Abigail Dony
Caitlin Feeney
Bianca Fratila
Jaela Gamon
Onaiwa Gamon
Sofia Gutierrez
Isla Hague
Vienne Hensel
Amelia Holly
Maude Hovey-Bradshaw
Emily Kirkpatrick
Charlotte McAninch
Esme Siegelin


George B. Armstrong School of International Studies

New Field Elementary School
Stone Scholastic Academy
Jordan Community Elementary School


Edgar Campos(Trumpet)

John Goodwin (Piano)
Wes Dziedzic (Piano)
Matt Witney (Guitar)
Tim Sessier (Bass)
Matthew Smalligan (Drums)
Dewey Bolz (Djembe)


This project is supported, in part, by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.
This project is supported, in part, by a CityArts grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events
Support for Neighborhood Choir programs is provided by Peoples Gas.

George B. Armstrong School of International Studies
Otis L. Dunson, Principal
Donna Bedke, Assistant Principal
Jessica Baker, Liaison

Indian Boundary Park
Phil Martini, Park Supervisor

Jordan Community School
Jay Richard Thompson, Principal
Andrea Barrios, Liaison

New Field Elementary School
Conrey Callahan, Principal

Stone Scholastic Academy
Dr. Kathryn Nestler, Principal
Elizabeth Raduly, Liaison

Thank you to our Program Assistants Jackie Johnson and Karley Mayomi.