Englewood Spring Community Concert


May 17, 2023


7:30 PM


Kennedy-King College (6301 S. Halsted St.)

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Add to Calendar 5/17/2023 7:30 PM America/Chicago Englewood Spring Community Concert A unique musical experience bringing the sounds of Englewood to life. Kennedy-King College (6301 S. Halsted St.)


This seasonal showcase will bring to life the diverse sounds of Chicago's historic Englewood neighborhood through a concert featuring original music, exciting choreography and multimedia presentations.


Tickets are $10* per person, available for purchase at the concert. All seating is general admission.

*Uniting Voices Chicago has a pay-what-you-can policy, allowing guests to pay as much or as little as they like per ticket, including requesting free tickets if desired*


Uniting Voices Chicago strives to make music and performance accessible to anyone who wants it. Assistive listening devices are available at the ticketing desk. All public performance areas at Logan Center are equipped to accommodate wheelchair users. To request accommodations, please email info [at] unitingvoiceschicago [dot] org.

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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Englewood Neighborhood Choir Community Concert

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Kennedy-King College

Lonnie Norwood, Jr., Englewood Neighborhood Choir
Judy Hanson, Dimension
Dewey Bolz, Associate Conductor, Dimension & King School Choir
Elisabeth Baker, Sherwood School Choir
Farlanda Buchannon, Kershaw School Choir
George Cooper, Miles Davis & Parker School Choirs
Bailey Haynes, Barbara A. Sizemore School Choir

About Uniting Voices Chicago

Founded in 1956 at the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement, Uniting Voices Chicago (formerly Chicago Children’s Choir) empowers and unites youth from diverse backgrounds to find their voice and celebrate their common humanity through the power of music. As a leading non-profit organization, we serve thousands of youth ages 6-18 from every zip code of Chicago through transformative and accessible music education programs and performance opportunities.

After the Show

Paint The Town Red

May 25

11am | Pritzker Pavillion

Join us downtown for our largest and most-anticipated event of the year! Singers from all levels of our programs will come together in song alongside dazzling special guests to celebrate the power of music and everything they’ve learned in our programs over the past year.

Paint The Town Red Giving Day

Support this transformative day that brings together the next generation of global leaders in Chicago! Join in the spirit of togetherness as young people from every corner of Chicago harmonize in the heart of the city with a donation to keep these programs accessible to
all singers.

Concert Program


People Get Ready
Curtis Mayfield; arr. Lonnie Norwood, Jr.


When I Rise Up
J. David Moore; poem by Wendell Berry

Cheki Morena
Trad. Puerto Rican folk song

Translation: Shake it, brown girl, shake it,

Shake it, brown girl, hey!

Where's (meaning, show us) that flashy (wild, exciting, WOW!) rhythm of the merecumbe (a popular dance).

One small step forward

And another small step, step back.

Going round in a circle

Who will be the next?

Instrumentation: piano, bass, drum set, Djembe, shakers

Oh Lord, We Praise You
Hezekiah Walker


Ariwo (Song to Ògún)
Ella Andall; arr. Lonnie Norwood, Jr.

Ariwo (Noise/Joyous)

emi a la ma (I will thrive/be successful)

kum pe le ku. (I will be fruitful/become exceeding)

Baba (father)

Trad. Korean folk song; arr. Josephine Lee & SKIM


Two Itallian Art Songs
Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi; arr. Matthew Michaels
I. Poi che’el mio foco e spento

Translation: Since now my anger’s burned out I’ll live

with joy, contentment.

And with laughing and dreaming and

dancing I’ll sing joyfully.

Since chained I’ve gained new freedom

I have my heart, abounding.

I’ll embrace happiness, jubilation not boredom

only great bliss.

II. Sonatemi un balletto

Translation: Play a dance for me,

I want to dance with my love!

As I have great pleasure

In dancing, I’m telling the truth,

Come on, what are you doing?

Start playing!

Dan Smith; arr. Jacob Narverud; choreography by Judy Hanson

Turning Red Medley
featuring Nobody Like You and You Know What’s Up Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell; arr. W. Mitchell Owens III; choreography by Farlanda Buchannon

W. Mitchell Owens III


Blaze Brown
Lincoln Burnell
Ravi Chandra
Jamion Cotten
Andrez Elliot
Henry Ellis
JaRonn Gamon
Edison Gong
Josiah Hill
Zion Hohenkirk
Vali Kizilbash
Rene Krall-Lanoue
Connor Lane
Jackson O’Brien
Exavier Pope, II
Alexander Rossi
Patrick Spera
Maxwell Stone
George Stoops
Vennes Tabiliran
Aris Velazquez
Eliot Warren
Owen Zeller

Shalom Burr-Briggs
John Curney
Shawn Garrett
Abrielle Lett
Montana Morris
Naomi Owens
Albert Rhodes
Taliyah Robinson
Torrin Robinson
Brayden Thomas
Miguel Tidmore

Barbara A. Sizemore Academy
Miles Davis Magnet Academy
Joshua D. Kershaw Magnet School
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Academy of Social Justice
Parker Community Academy
Jesse Sherwood Elementary School

John Goodwin (Piano)
Marquis Carter (Drums)
Kellen Boersma (Guitar)
Tim Seisser (Bass)


This project is supported, in part, by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.
This project is supported, in part, by a CityArts grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events
Support for Neighborhood Choir programs is provided by Peoples Gas.
The Englewood Neighborhood Choir is made possible, in part, by support from Egwele & Company and the Lyon Family Foundation
Father Jones, St. Benedict the African Church

Barbara A. Sizemore Academy
Nakia Thurmond, Principal
Karla Lyles, Liaison

Miles Davis Magnet Academy
Cheryl Armstrong-Belt, Principal
Kimberly Simon, Assistant Principal

Joshua D. Kershaw Magnet School
Jennifer Clayton, Principal
Aileen Lopez, Liaison

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Academy of Social Justice
Marlena Little, Principal
Georgina Tisdale, Liaison

Parker Community Academy
Rufina Brown, Principal
Aaron Brown, Assistant Principal

Jesse Sherwood Elementary School
Alice Buzanis, Principal
Angela White, Assistant Principal

Thank you to our Program Assistants Jackie Johnson & Veronica Morales.