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Austin Spring Community Concert with Voice of Chicago and Dimension


April 15, 2023


4:00 PM


The Kehrein Center For The Arts (5628 W. Washington Blvd.)

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Add to Calendar 4/15/2023 4:00 PM America/Chicago Austin Spring Community Concert with Voice of Chicago and Dimension A unique musical experience bringing the sounds of Austin to life and showcasing young singers from Austin alongside our two citywide ensembles, Dimension and Voice of Chicago. The Kehrein Center For The Arts (5628 W. Washington Blvd.)


This seasonal showcase will bring to life the diverse sounds of Chicago's Austin neighborhood through a concert featuring original music, exciting choreography and multimedia presentations. It will also feature performances by our two citywide ensembles, Dimension and Voice of Chicago.


Tickets are $10* per person, available for purchase at the concert. All seating is general admission.

*Uniting Voices Chicago has a pay-what-you-can policy, allowing guests to pay as much or as little as they like per ticket, including requesting free tickets if desired*


Uniting Voices Chicago strives to make music and performance accessible to anyone who wants it. Assistive listening devices are available at the ticketing desk. All public performance areas at Logan Center are equipped to accommodate wheelchair users. To request accommodations, please email info [at] unitingvoiceschicago [dot] org.

Voice of Chicago is presented by Allstate.

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Austin Neighborhood Choir Community Concert

Featuring Voice of Chicago and Dimension

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Kehrein Center for the Arts


Farlanda Buchannon, Austin Neighborhood Choir

Judy Hanson, Voice of Chicago and Dimension

Elisabeth Baker, School Programs

Alex Bravos, School Programs

George Cooper, School Programs

Veronica Román-Meyer, School Programs

About Uniting Voices Chicago

Founded in 1956 at the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement, Uniting Voices Chicago (formerly Chicago Children’s Choir) empowers and unites youth from diverse backgrounds to find their voice and celebrate their common humanity through the power of music. As a leading non-profit organization, we serve thousands of youth ages 6-18 from every zip code of Chicago through transformative and accessible music education programs and performance opportunities.

After the Show

Paint The Town Red

May 25

11am | Pritzker Pavillion

Join us downtown for our largest and most-anticipated event of the year! Singers from all levels of our programs will come together in song alongside dazzling special guests to celebrate the power of music and everything they’ve learned in our programs over the past year.

Paint The Town Red Giving Day

Support this transformative day that brings together the next generation of global leaders in Chicago! Join in the spirit of togetherness as young people from every corner of Chicago harmonize in the heart of the city with a donation to keep these programs accessible to
all singers.

Concert Program


Anyhow/He Turned It

Tye Tribbett; arranged & orchestrated by Farlanda Buchannon; soloists Sydney Ingram, Nala Smith & Morgan Parker

Father I Stretch My Hands
Jason White; arr. Farlanda Buchannon; choreography by Farlanda Buchannon; soloist Ameeor Bunkley

Be Thankful

Natalie Cole; choreography by Farlanda Buchannon



W. Mitchell Owens III


Two Italian Art Songs

Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi; arr. Matthew Michaels

I. Poi che’el mio foco e spento

Translation: Since now my anger’s burned out I’ll live

with joy, contentment.

And with laughing and dreaming and

dancing I’ll sing joyfully.

Since chained I’ve gained new freedom

I have my heart, abounding.

I’ll embrace happiness, jubilation not boredom

only great bliss.

II. Sonatemi un balletto

Translation: Play a dance for me,

I want to dance with my love!

As I have great pleasure

In dancing, I’m telling the truth,

Come on, what are you doing?

Start playing!


Dan Smith; arr. Jacob Narverud; choreography by Judy Hanson

Turning Red Medley

featuring Nobody Like You and You Know What’s Up
Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell; arr. W. Mitchell Owens III; choreography by Farlanda Buchannon

Sunny Days Ahead

George Harrison/Skip Scarborough & Bill Withers; arr. W. Mitchell Owens III


Thyro Alfaro & Yumi Lacsamana; arr. Joe Caigoy


Kilometers distance

Why do they keep expanding

The distance between us

But the more they try to hinder

Our love grows deeper

It seems we’re stars apart

And I can’t see you

But the farther you are the more I call out to you

I’ll fearlessly cross the ocean

Even if the waves reach the sky

I promise to go wherever

Just to be with you

I’ll do whatever it takes so we’ll end up together

Even if I have to go through

kilometers distance

The world is dissenting

And we can’t find each other

Oh, do we have to listen

And go with the waves

Drowned, doused and can’t almost see you

After being covered with bruises

I still call out to you


There is Room for All from Rainbow Beach
W. Mitchell Owens III


We All Live Here

W. Mitchell Owens III; choreography by Judy Hanson

You Will Be Found

Benj Pasek & Justin Paul; arr. Mac Huff; staging by Judy Hanson



Trad. South African song (Xhosa)


The train is coming from the mountains.

Stimela pushes the train to South Africa.

You must run to catch the train.



Trad. South African song (Xhosa)


We are drawing close to you, Lion.


Mosh Ben Ari/Sheva; arr. Lisa Arnold


Jonathan McReynolds; soloist Sole’ Stampley


The Better Benediction

PJ Morton; various soloists


We Win

Vincent Bohannan; soloist Simone Cole & Brandon Lampkin


Ode to Hip Hop Medley

Various artists; arr. Farlanda Buchannon & Bailey Haynes; choreography by Farlanda Buchannon

Tonight's Singers

Austin Neigborhood Choir

Amelie Middel

Autumn Ingram

Caiden Johnson

Christian Dean

Gusta Stampley

Haley Ivy

Jaedon Ingram

Jahanna Stephens

Jayla Conley

Justice Stephens

Khi Sheckles

Montserrat Calvillo

Morgan Parker

Nala Smith

Nasir Smith

Simone Cole

Sole’ Stampley

Sydney Daniel

Sydney Ingram


Blaze Brown

Lincoln Burnell

Ravi Chandra

Jamion Cotten

Andrez Elliott

Henry Ellis

JeRonn Gamon

Edison Gong

Josiah Hill

Zion Hohenkirk

Vali Kizilbash

Rene Krall-Lanoue

Connor Lane

Jackson O'Brien

Exavier Pope, II

Alexander Rossi

Patrick Spera

Maxwell Stone

George Stoops

Vennes Tabiliran

Aris Velazquez

Eliot Warren

Owen Zeller

Voice of Chicago

Abiola-Fagba,Bolade Christabel

Anderson, Amir

Anello, Ella+*

Antoine, Ryan

Baker, Sarah

Bondurant, Sofia+

Bunkley, Ameeor

Bynum, Emily+*

Calderon, Gabriel

Calhoun, Seth+

Chandra, Rishi

Clark, Isis*

Cloud, Amber+*

Combs, Chloe

Copeland, Christopher

Cusick, Lauren+

DeAngelus, Sofia+*

DeKoker, Jack+

Din, Matt+*

Ferrall, Tobin

Ferrell, Emma+

Frauenheim, Monique*

Göker, Günes

Hampton, Christian+*

Hampton, Tori+

Hankins, Allison+

Hawk, Lucy

Hernandez, Andrea+

Hinerfeld, Theo+*

Hong, Nicholas+

Gekker, Victoria

Jacobson, Riley+

Jain, Mira

Javed, Hana+

Jones, Henry+

Kejo, Camille

Knox, Mia+*

Koss, Eleanor

Kuhr, Lydia

Licklider, J*

Matzke, Gretchen+

McMillin, Eve+

Medina Marerro, Isamary+*

Mellits, Nina*

Miller, Charlotte

Mooney, Tori+

Mueller, Kate+*

Nach, Olivia+*

Neal, Jevon

Nelkin, Sydney+

Nelsen, Colin

Nitzsche, Claire

Noback, Abbey

Nowlin, Yohance*

O’Connor, Megan

Parr, Wyatt+*

Pavkovic, Sofia+

Pazmino, Abigail

Pfetcher, Lauren+*

Pope, Emory

Rades, Abigail+

Roman, Olivia

Ross, Lucia+

Ruger, Nathan +

Sahai, Myra+*

Salomon, Atlas

Sazon, Rochelle

Schulz, Samantha

Sevig, Annika+

Smith, Sophia

Sneed, Gabrielle+*

Stone, Zachary+

Talmers, Katherine+*

Van der Bijl, Laelia

Vanada, Edie

Velez Lauria, Matilde+

Venson, Kaliyah

White, Fatima+*

Wieda, Nadia

Williams, Elijah+*

+: Encore

*: Groove

School Program Singers

Milton Brunson Math & Science Specialty School

Catalyst Circle Rock Charter School

George Rogers Clark Elementary School

Plato Learning Academy

Ella Flagg Young Elementary School


John Goodwin (Piano)

Adrian Ruiz (Piano)

Brandon Lampkin (Synth)

Marquis Carter (Drum Set)

Dave Hiltebrand (Bass)

Matt Whittney (Guitar)

Dewey Bolz (Djembe)


This project is supported, in part, by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Thank you to our Program Assistants Jackie Johnson, Karley Mayomi & Regina Robinson

Milton Brunson Math & Science Catalyst Circle Rock Charter School

Kila English, Liaison

George Rogers Clark Elementary School

Dr. Natasha Buckner-Pena

Principal Bonita Roy, Liaison

Specialty School

Elizabeth Jamison-Dunn, Principal

Dr. Carol Wilson, Principal Charlotte Myers, Liaison

Plato Learning Academy

Carole Davis, Principal

Rodney Quinn, Dean of Students

Ella Flagg Young Elementary School

Michelle Sellers

Principal Lorraine Lockhart, Liaison