Lincon so

“It felt unreal, like I was dreaming.”

From the South Side of Chicago to the Kennedy Center, Beverly Neighborhood Choir singer Lincon has gone on an incredible musical journey this year through opportunities made possible by Uniting Voices.

While on tour in D.C., Lincon performed “Carmina Burana” at the nation’s cultural center. And her dad, Sharay, was brought to tears watching her perform as a soloist during the Chicago Symphony Orchestra production of Elijah.

“[Uniting Voices] has given her the confidence to pursue her own path while giving honor to the road that was laid for her.”

Now, Lincon is getting ready to perform at our largest and final event of the year, Paint the Town Red. She’ll take the Pritzker Pavilion stage in front of a crowd of thousands, alongside friends she’s made in the Beverly Neighborhood Choir and on the tour to Washington, D.C.. The experiences she had through Uniting Voices prepared her for this capstone on a life-changing year.

“The first time I performed at Paint the Town Red I was nervous that I would forget my words. But now I feel like I will be calmer and super excited for another big performance. It’s just so fun!”

Chicago youth like Lincon deserve the opportunity to shine in the biggest performance venues in our city and the world while building their confidence on and off the stage. Support access to these magical musical moments by giving a gift in honor of Paint the Town Red Giving Day.