RJO CIBC blog post

How CIBC Creates Opportunities By Funding Red Jacket Optional

CIBC is a longtime fixture in Chicago’s philanthropic community, and has supported Red Jacket Optional—Chicago’s most inspirational Gala—for 15 years. Their commitment to inclusivity, diversity and collaboration aligns with our own, and they believe in our mission to inspire and change lives through music. To highlight this vital partnership, we discussed our shared values and why they’ve chosen Chicago’s most inspirational gala as a vehicle for their support.

Uniting Voices: CIBC has been supporting Red Jacket Optional (RJO) for 15 years. What motivates this investment in the community?

CIBC: CIBC’s motivation for supporting RJO lies within our commitment to building strong communities, promoting diversity and inclusion, fostering collaboration, and recognizing the value in social responsibility. We are particularly inspired by how Uniting Voices Chicago brings together kids from different backgrounds, uniting under a common purpose.

UV: What values does CIBC hold that are best aligned with Uniting Voices Chicago?

CIBC: CIBC and Uniting Voices Chicago share several values that align with each other. Both of our organizations prioritize inclusivity, diversity and the empowerment of individuals. We also prioritize giving back to the community through initiatives focusing on education, community engagement, and advocating for social justice and equality. Moreover, Uniting Voices Chicago furthers CIBC’s purpose: to make ambitions a reality.

UV: RJO raises funds critical to ensuring accessibility of our core programs, including Neighborhood Choir programs on the South and West side of Chicago near CIBC branches. Why are investments in safe spaces for youth and neighborhood vitality important to the bank?

CIBC: Investments in safe spaces for youth and neighborhood culture are vital to us because they demonstrate our bank’s commitment to community development and support the well-being of young people. They also help strengthen bonds and preserve local culture, contributing to vibrant and resilient neighborhoods. In addition, CIBC has seen firsthand the impact that Uniting Voices Chicago has made through arts and music, and we are passionate about the role arts education plays in building confidence and shaping tomorrow’s leaders. Our CIBC team is honored to further this important work, and we are committed to supporting Uniting Voices Chicago for years to come.

UV: How does investing in music education further your ambitions to create economic opportunities for all?

CIBC: Investing in music education not only supports individual growth and cultural enrichment, but also contributes to CIBC’s broader goal of creating economic opportunities for all by nurturing talent, developing skills and enhancing educational outcomes for students.

UV: What's one thing everyone should know about RJO?

CIBC: This event showcases the immense talents of the youth who are performing, and the quality of the performance is astounding!

To learn more about our partner, CIBC, and how we work together to create a harmonious world, check out their website.