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Cultivating Self-Awareness and Confidence Through Music: A Q&A with Cha'Ron Bradley

As part of #MusicInOurSchoolsMonth this March, we’re highlighting some of our partners at our School Program sites who help make the music happen! Cha’Ron Bradley is our liaison at Theophilus Schmid Elementary School, with over 20 years of educational experience. We spoke with him about the importance of music education and more!

Uniting Voices Chicago: What do you enjoy about working with Uniting Voices?

Cha’ron Bradley: What I love the most is the opportunities that Uniting Voices affords my scholars to be exposed to different genres of music. Uniting Voices allows my scholars to connect with various cultural experiences that would allow them to become global citizens that creates change in our society.

UVC: What do you appreciate about music education?

CB: I appreciate that music education allows us to be creative and supports general educational benchmarks which encourages us to take risks, develop a collaborative working environment and solidifies a self-awareness that promotes greatness.

UVC: What's one thing you wish people knew about your job?

CB: I wish that people would know that music sets the stage for your life. It allows you to gain self-awareness to have discipline, confidence and persistence in order to be successful in life choices.

UVC: How do you feel your job makes a difference in the world?

CB: I can remember when a previous scholar that I had my classes approached me during the Taste of Chicago Festival. I had no idea who he was because he is an adult now. But, he spoke to me and said that he still remembers music class and that he is an inspiring rap artist. He told me that he still remembers the rhythmic dictation lessons and how we created performances that were memorable. He told me that it was music class that inspires him today. I feel that this is not just work but my life's mission. I am and have dedicated my life to music education and how it can be transferred into different facets and intelligences. Music makes the world go around. I am the lucky one to have this impact on the lives of my scholars.